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Pakistan has seen a boom in Renewable Energy Technologies. Pakistan Solar Association and Renewable Energy Association of Pakistan are currently two effective bodies which cater to renewable energy technologies in Pakistan. As industrial leader our ambition is to guide our fellow Renewable Energy firms of what little we know.

HS Codes Relevant to Solar Energy Technologies

The following HS Codes are required for NTN registration under low voltage installation business category and for the import of goods:

  1. Solar Charge Controller  90 32 89 90
  2. RE Solar Panels 85 41 40 00
  3. RE Solar Inverter 85 04 40 90

Statutory Regulatory Order for Tax Exclusion

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued SRO # 575 serial # 35 catering to PV Solar Solutions. However, clause # 35 has now been updated in the 6th Schedule for off-grid solutions (Serial No. 58).

Previous Tax Relaxation: SRO 438(1)/2001 –> SRO 454(1)/2004

Quality Standardization Related to Solar Energy Technologies

  1. RE Batteries IEC 61427 (Batteries UN Manual of Tests, UN 38.3 or IEC 62133 or IEC 61960)
  2. Solar Cells IEC 60904 Standard for Cell Testing and Characterization of Solar panels and modules
  3. Standard for Safety for Flat-Plate Panels (Europe) IEC 61730
  4. IEC 61646 for Thin Film Flat-Plate Panels
  5. UL 1703 Standard for Safety for Flat-Plate Panels (USA)
  6. ULC/ORD C-1703 Standard for Safety for Flat-Plate Panels (Canada)
  7. Solar Water Heaters (Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube types – ISO 9806-1, EN 12975 and ASHRAE 93 – ISO 9806-1.
  8. IEC Standard PV solution compliance for Solar Batteries 60896 (TC 21/TC 82)
  9. IEC Standard compliance for Solar Batteries 60896-11
  10. IEC Standard compliance for Solar Batteries 60896-2
  11. IEC Standard Cycling test  for Solar Batteries 61427
  12. IEC Tubular Batteries 61147/ NF C58-510
  13. IEEE 535 Lead Selenium aging result for Tubular Batteries

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