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Hello to all the spreaders of light, whether or not you had been approaching us through our careers email, (or our Chief Consultant‘s Inbox ;)), Zorays Solar has finally arrived with an offering where it introduces one of its kind, the Business Affiliate Programme. Here is the enrollment process to earn gratitude of money without having to install a single bolt at our project site:

In this 5 step business affiliate programme, the following are the immediate points to remember:

1. Training: Anybody who can read this is eligible, Zorays Solar offers a compact plan for Business Development where during the commisioning of the project, the Business Development Affiliate may not have to be at the project site even once. We take pride in sharing the best knowledge around Renewable Energy Technologies and you as our trained Sales Business Units will cater to each of the toughest questions asked during any sales pitch. Tangibles are ours. Service and labor is our problem. You will be required to subscribe to each of our coherent platforms to stay update to latest technology, legistalitons and company policies.

2. Documentation: This will be a common document of responsibilities shared between the principal and the Business Affiliate to prevent loss of leads or share of confidential pieces of information that are to be entrusted once you become Zorays Solar’s Business Development Affiliate. Beforehand, an yearly revenue generation target is to be mutually discovered given the regional pontential, PR, and current role of the affiliate. A monthly sales vs. achievment report is expected. At the end of three successful project executions, the Business Development Affiliate will be invited to become a permanent part of our Business Development Team as Zorays Solar’s Business Development Manager. Females are encouraged to apply if they love to earn huge amounts of incomes with little or no effort at all.

3. Technical Supervision: The Business Development Affiliate is solely responsible for generating the Business lead and our team of professional experts will take care of the technical. (You may only be interested in evaluating the feasibility aspects of components used). Read: Our Zorays Solar Blog to grasp the technical soundness of the company’s team. Once you become our part, we will teach you all. In a later stage, the company will hold no reservation to open a combined franchise if you have enough entreprising skills to start your own business.

4. Branding: All the ATL (televised marketing, radio marketing), BTL (POP material, flexes, banners, flyers, pamphlets and brochures) and TTL (online marketing, branded sms and email marketing) will be the repsonsibility of the prinicipal which will support all of its Business Affiliate members in terms of revenue generation they promise to get.

5. Commission: The company has devised this excellent plan where other startup companies outsource their work to Zorays Solar and still earn more to what they might have if they executed the projects themselves. This comes with the onus of long term relation building, sustainable credit lines and excellent repution of the group directors. After the completion, a handsome share of 50 per cent of the whole service profits is shared regarldess of the size and scalability of the project. What is yours will always be yours. Dividend forever.

Kindly note: Currently, the programme is being offered for PV Solar Solutions (Homes, Corporates/Offices, Industry) only. Moreso, the Businesss Affiliate Programme is being implented in 16 districts/24 major cities where Zorays Solar already has its presence and set its after-sales network. Our process is of no hassle, and no obligation. Just in accord to the principles of Islam. You get paid your rightful due share for your services.

Immediate action to show commitment and interest in a combined effort to promote RE solutions in Pakistan, find us on Social Media:

Facebook: zoraysinc
Twitter: zoraysinc
Vimeo: zorays
Pinterest: zoraysinc
LinkedIn: zorays
Youtube: zorays
Google+: +zorays
Instagram: zoraysinc

spread the word and shoot an email Good Luck! Team Zorays.



  • Engr. Shahid Mehmood says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is Engr. Shahid Mehmood from Faisalabad. i have vast experience in manufacturing of fuel storage tank, steel canopies and advance signages etc. and I was the core member of Business Development Department of a well reputed company. Now from the few months ago I joined the field of renewable energy to make it the future of Pakistan. In the meantime, I just see your proposal of business affiliate program and get interested to join that.
    I sincerely expect to cooperate with you on your affiliate program and create interest together. To maximize the potential profit. In addition, we will provide the best marketing support to reduce your workload and save your precious time and effort in Faisalabad.
    I sincerely interested to join your Affiliate Program and looking forward to your positive reply.
    Best Regards
    Engr. Shahid Mehmood
    Business Development Department

  • Abeer says:

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  • Abeer says:

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