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We pride ourselves in keeping ahead of the game by providing only the best revolutionary solutions offering cutting-edge technology, products and state of the art equipment over all aspects of our delivery.

Bijli Hazir is a pioneering idea and has the potential to revolutionize the electricity grid. While there has been a huge shift in the vehicle industry, with more and more countries pushing for aggressive electric vehicle adoption rates, the electric utility companies, particularly the distribution companies has a huge challenge to upgrade their existing infrastructure to cater to the additional load of electric-vehicles, which by current battery power requirements is estimated to be equal to adding 1 household per electric vehicle.

Zorays Solar with its innovative idea, takes on this pressure point along with many other problems in its stride. This is essentially a rental power plant model. Electric-trucks, retrofitted with huge lithium-ion batteries and a charging station will be available to bring, 100% clean, 100% green, reliable and noise-free power to you. With this power, you can charge your own electric-vehicles, light up your out-door parties, or have 24/7 back-up power at your disposal.

While all electric-vehicles are themselves emission-free, they are still charged by the electricity grid, so in its true essence, an electric-vehicle can only get as green as the electricity grid itself. However, we at Zorays Solar ensure that our Electric-trucks are charged during the day at our solar parks situated on the highways.

Another problem that Bijli Hazir caters to is the range anxiety. Range anxiety has been the biggest drag for electric-vehicle adoption has people have gotten too comfortable with the petroleum infrastructure. With Bijli Hazir, you can have power available at any point of your choosing within our service area.

While the Electric Vehicle policy was announced by Pakistan in the last quarter of 2019, the infrastructure for Electric Vehicle will take its natural course for development. Bijli Hazir is that tool for transition that will enable Pakistan adopt electric-vehicles in its nascent stage.

Bijli Hazir was selected amongst the top 100 ideas from over 160,000 ideas from 166 countries. And we are aiming to give our best to be amongst the top in the competition. We are not the only team from Pakistan, but we are the only energy start up from Pakistan.

Bijli Hazir also caters to United Nation’s 4 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030:

  • 7 Affordable and Clean Energy,
  • 9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure,
  • 11 Sustainable cities and communities,
  • 13 Climate Action