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Bio-gas Technology produces methane rich fuel gas and a value added organic fertilizer. It has considerable potential for providing fuel and fertile besides being a  system for waste recycling, prevention of pollution and ecological imbalance and improvement of sanitary conditions in the rural areas where animal dung, agricultural wasters, aquatic weeds etc. are readily available.

Composition of Bio-gas (%age)

  • Methane 60%-70%
  • Carbon Dioxide 30%-35%
  • Nitrogen 1%
  • Hydrogen 0.1% – 0.5%
  • Carbon Monoxide 0.1%
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Traces

Properties of Bio-Gas

  • Its calorific value is 4700-6000 kcal/cubic metre (20-24 MJ/cubic metre better calorific value than Sui Gas)
  • It is non-poisonous in nature
  • It has no offensive smell
  • It burns with a clean blue soot less flame
  • Its critical pressure is 42 atmosphere and temperature 82 degree celcius respectively
  • Its thermal efficiency in a standard burner is 60%

Bio-gas Technology

Bio-Gas Generates Electricity

1kW = 1.25 kVA

1 metre cubed generator generates electricity = 1.3 KW/h

The Plant

1 metre cubed Bio-gas plant produces 0.25 kg gas per day

Disposal of Slurry

The discharge of slurry of 1 metre cubed of gas can fulfill the fertilizer of 0.7 acre of land.

Running of Tube-well

A 25 hp Peter Engine can run tube-well up to ratio of 30:70 (deisel:bio-gas)

Petrol Engine for Water Lifiting

1600 cc petrol engine converted to gas with 1/2 cusec water flow can operate for 3 hours; however, scrubber drain filter will be needed.

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