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Total Quality Management (TQM) is what we herald at Zorays Solar We begin by knowing the wants of our customers. Like any consumer conscious big enterprise, Zorays Solar makes sure that our solution design meets or exceeds customer wants. So much so, we take pride that our process facilitates first time success. We keep track of the records, and extend those concepts to our special suppliers as well.

Nine elements of TQM that Zorays Solar Bijli Pakistan currently adheres to:

  1. Continual Improvement,
  2. Competitive Benchmarking,
  3. Employee Empowerment,
  4. Team Approach,
  5. Decisions based on facts,
  6. Knowledge of tools,
  7. Supplier Quality,
  8. Championing, and
  9. Quality on the source.

Seven tools of TQM that Zorays Solar utilizes in this regard: We believe in generating Ideas through

  1. Check sheets,
  2. Scatter diagrams,
  3. Cause-and-effect diagrams,

We organize our data using

  1. Pareto charts,
  2. Flow charts,

We identify problems by implementing

  1. Histogram, and
  2. Statistical process control.

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