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The Earth is locked on an “irreversible” course of climatic disruption. ​You own the sun. Well, not exactly, but you do have the right to its power. With solar technology, you can turn your rooftop into a power plant. Dr. Hadeed inspires the fellow Pakistanis to Turn their Roof Into a Power Plant with his excellent PV education tutorial in Urdu Language. Learn Solar in urdu for the first time:

Dr. Hadeed Writes exclusively.

  • Handling everything from project proposals to EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance)
  • One of the region’s leading system integrators (SIer) in the solar power field
  • Capable of devising the optimum photovoltaic power and energy solution for specific projects
  • Specializes in solar power design and installation for commercial business, government and utility customers across all major solar markets

Generate your own clean energy instead of paying for traditional electricity. The savings can add up to thousands! There’s no upfront cost, you only need a good roof, because solar panel installation is included at no additional cost. Solar power can actually cost less than you pay now with low, locked-in rates. Pakistan’s #1 full-service solar provider. Thousands of homeowners are already affected from the benefits of clean, affordable energy from Zorays Solar Pakistan. We continuously monitor each solar power system to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

  • We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, designers, and installers to make solar a turnkey solution for our customers
  • With a focus on quality, professionalism, and services
  • We hope to encourage local and national legislation in order to make solar a practical investment opportunity in net-metering projects
  • We lead by example and use honesty, integrity, and open communications in all of our interactions.

Zorays Solar Urdu Tutorial is especially created to reflect that our fully capable team will take care of everything. Once scheduled, your solar power system installation can take as little as one day. We are proud to set standards not only in our technological advancement, but also in our marketing and brand-building activities. We are proud to set standards not only in our technological advancement, but also in our marketing and brand-building activities. Our mission is to provide affordable green energy for all. Join us in expanding photovoltaic systems for the benefit of our irreplaceable future.




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