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A seperate Solar Power Wiring plan has been made for this building. This is a common sentence shared by owner when you visit the newly constructed building for the assessment of size of Solar Power System. We have used excellent wires from roof to the electric meter is another pivotal statement. For the facts corrected below, owners, architects and building consructors need to know that Buildings, newly constructed or old, do not need seperate Solar Power Wiring plan.

No matter who decided it but we find it wastage of money because No Seperate Wiring is required for Solar Power System.

This is a misconseption that Solar Power installation need seperate wirings. The Solar Power generated from the roof top needs only two dc cables to connect Solar Modules with the pure sine wave Inverter. The electricity generated is similar to that coming from the grid or mains power supply.

The inverter gives output with same frequency and AC voltage at 50 Hz. For single phase out put voltage is 220 Vac and for three phase it is 380 Vac.

A Single phase Inverter has three wires (Live, Neutral and Earth). Whereas, a three phase Inveter have five wires (U1, U2, U3, Neutral and Earth).

Similarly these inverters have same number of wires for connecting the grid or mains supply.

Besides these, wires two input dc cables are connected to Solar Panels and two dc cables are used to connect the Batteries. Their guages are calculated with incorporated loss.

Depending upon the type of the Inveter, wise decisions are taken to supply the electicity to the building automatically through its regular indeginuous wiring.

So you do not need additional wirings for energizing your building with Solar Power

What you need exactly is the Earthing wire to connect the inverter (preferably a new and proper earthing meeting the technical requirements of earthing), two dc cables (flexible cables) selected by Solar System design engineer and two dc cables for connecting the Batteries (for charging and dischrging), again selected by the design engineer.

Therefore, my humble suggestion to architects and builders is to avoid the extra wirings of Solar Power Systems for new buildings.

Any further info required is available: 0423 718 23 20

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