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Net metering for solar power has become an increasingly hot topic. Net Metering installed capacity as of 30th June 2021 more than 12,000 systems commissioned with cumulative installed capacity of 202 MWp out of which 81 MWp added this year only 13.5 MWp per month by end of 2021 we expect 300 MWp capacity will be achieved.

Solar energy net metering data

While we explained what net metering is using solar net metering wiring diagram and how one can apply for net metering. Today we feel proud to share with you a client’s case study with enough statistical data which makes you go awe-struck.

Here is a case study where Govt. actually pays back the user for exporting electricity to them.

REF NO : 12 11526 05010000U

Well, it is too fancy for an electric bill reference number is not it?

Let’s try Sr. 321 on this list to assure that the above is a net metering client done by Zorays Solar Pakistan with its legal name as registered with AEDB/NEPRA as Zorays (SMC-PVT) Ltd. This also confirms that we are quite early into this business as prestigious service provider for net metering.

How net metering works

Please ascertain using:

What you get there are magic numbers, look closely to the bold text:


Address 100-L PHASE-8 DHA LHR
Last Bill Month DEC 19
Meter Reading Date
Bill Issue Date 30 DEC 19
Due Date 08 JAN 20
Amount Payable Within Due Date

Amount Payable After Due Date NOT TO BE PAID

Amount Paid 0
Payment Date NA
Bank/Branch NA

Mr. Faheem from AEDB confirms that

After every three months…. Paid by DISCO… upon customer request.

Data Shared by AEDB clearly exhibits How do solar panels work? They work splendid.


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