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The total time from file submission to the relevant Distribution Company is no less than three to four months. NEPRA too is under burden and recently some licenses took over sixty days just at NEPRA. After license issuance, there is DISCO hurdle which takes about twelve (12) days and involves no less than 3 different DISCO offices (Sub-Division, Maintenance and Testing/MNT, Head Office). NEPRA initiated the deregulation process up to 25 KW of Net Metering Licenses to spur economic growth through ease of doing business for SMEs and other consumers too. The great news is that Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCOE) has already endorsed it. The change has come after imposition of generation license fee on 3rd November on domestic net metering consumers and now they are going away with the need for license altogether.

Mixed sentiment:

I think rest of the process will remain the same only Issuance of Generation License will be revoked. Hence, DISCOs will not be forwarding the application for grant of generation license. Lets see how the regulator decide about it. — Muahmmad Saeed PGREF Expert 

Good for consumer, bad for installer:

It is a good initiative but the discos will increase their bribery rate. Currently, discos are not trained and create hindrances in netmetering process. Now they will be empowered, this can increase their rates. Anti corruption department should also be motivated and given a task to check all discos. — Dr. Mubarak Industry Expert

Generally, it means that private generation up to 25 kw would not require generation license from NEPRA. However, the DISCO in attempt to oversee the safety would demand more in terms of bribery in an already corrupt system.

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  • Usman Hayat says:

    Agreed but there are ways to avoid paying bribes. No easy task but doable. I do understand that as an installer you”re dealing with multiple cases at once which makes it a little tricky. ACE is doing some good work. Remember, a corrupt person is the most “darpok” person on the face of this earth. One case will set a precedent, I’ve done it, so can you. Atleast that NEPRA time will be gone. And do remember, “If you believe you can do something, or you believe you cannot, you’re right either way”, Tony Robbins quote. Believe that it can and will be done without bribes and it will. Keep up the good work.

  • Ahmad Abbas says:

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