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In an era where electricity tariffs are skyrocketing and new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters are being rolled out, making a switch to solar energy is not just a smart choice—it’s a necessary one. With the government’s recent approval of up to a 51% increase in electricity tariffs, including fixed monthly charges ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 1,000 per unit, households are bracing for unprecedented financial strain. This is where Zorays Solar steps in, offering a sustainable and economically viable solution.

Electric Shock for Millions as Tariffs Soar

On Wednesday, the government approved an increase of up to 51% or Rs 7.12 per unit in the price of electricity starting in July. This marks the highest raise in percentage terms for the lower-income groups.

Why the Surge in Electricity Tariffs?

The recent tariff hike is part of the government’s commitment to meet the International Monetary Fund (IMF) conditions for the next bailout package. This increase hits the lower-income groups the hardest, further exacerbated by the introduction of fixed monthly charges. Additionally, the implementation of AMI meters, although beneficial in preventing overbilling and providing real-time data, comes with an additional cost of Rs 35,000. This scenario presents a challenging landscape for electricity consumers.

Electricity Tarrif


  • Increase in electricity unit tariff for domestic consumers approved,
  • Increase in electricity unit tariff from 3.95 to 7.12 rupees approved,
  • Approval for different slabs of increased tariffs for domestic consumers,
  • Increase in unit tariff from 1 to 100 units by 7.11 rupees,
  • After the increase, the unit tariff for 101 to 200 units becomes 23.59 rupees,
  • Unit tariff for 101 to 200 units increased by 30 paise,
  • Unit tariff for 201 to 300 units increased by 34 paise to become 26 rupees.


The Role of AMI Meters

So essentially, there are going to be Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters, which will fetch real-time reading data and avoid overbilling. Previously, the Supreme Court reversed the overcharged amounts after writ petitions were filed. AMI meters, equipped with GSM modules, offer real-time data collection, ensuring accurate billing and eliminating the discrepancies that have plagued consumers in the past. The Supreme Court’s reversal of overcharged amounts following writ petitions is a testament to the flaws in the previous system. While the new meters promise accuracy and transparency, the added cost of Rs 35,000 is yet another burden on consumers already reeling from high electricity rates. They have been previously implemented in Karachi Electric. This way Lesco meter readers can not overcharge by quoting fake values.

As electricity tariffs continue to surge and new AMI meters add to the financial burden, switching to solar energy with Zorays Solar is a practical and forward-thinking solution. Our commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solar power solutions makes us the ideal partner in your journey towards energy independence. Embrace the power of the sun and secure a brighter, more sustainable future with Zorays Solar.

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