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​Ever wondered if a single chamber could help render all these applications such as large scale and commercial drying of flowers, fruits, vegetables, crops, grains, beans, herbs, papers, woods and other commodities? Mr. Khalid Islam, Chief Consultant Zorays Solar became fortunate to share a patent on Single Axle, Sun Tracked, Auto-Rotational Commercial Solar Thermal Dryer with (PCRET) where we discussed of what is meant for remote installation and cost effective operations around such an idea.

Free from carbon dioxide, clean, renewable, abundant sun rays are used as free solar energy source for drying of flowers, fruits, vegetables, crops, grains, beans,  herbs, papers, woods and other commodities in a commercial large scale single axle, sun tracked, auto-rotational solar-thermal dryer. That way these commodities become hygienic at almost no cost when compared with gas fired and electrically operated fixed dryers. It is the world’s largest Single Axel STD.

Due to sun tracking mechanism, through out the sunny hours, solar radiations are collected constantly due to facing of huge glass collector of 51 feet in width, 25 feet in depth  and 25 feet length of sides. The Solar Thermal Dryer drying temperature is preset on microprocessor based PID controller which controls hot air used for any specific commodity. The efficiency of this automatic sun-tracking solar-thermal dryer rises 75 % as compared with a fix solar-thermal dryer. After installation, operational charges or utility bills are illuminated. The expected operational life is 30 years.

Following are the features/claim of this invention ( filed for PCRET: Patent applied No. 522-2015):


  1. It is the world’s largest Single Axel Solar Thermal Dryer,
  2. Sun Tracking is ensured with 12 Vdc powered small Geared motor to handle 5 Ton Weight of this Dryer with its maximum load on an axel under the drying room (W= 18 Feet X D= 8 Feet x H= 10 feet),
  3. This auto-rotational/automatic sun facing commercial Solar-Thermal Dryer (STD) starts collecting Sun heat as the sun rises from the East and moves on one rare axil and front wheels which help in tracking this dryer the sun till the Sun is set in the West using efficient electronic circuitry.
  4. This STD comprises on huge glass collector with movable Volume (51 Feet X 25 Feet) X 20 Feet X 1 Foot of Glass Collector.
  5. Volume/capacity of drying chamber/room for placing drying trolleys and trays comes in the dimensions 18 Feet X 8 Feet X 10 Feet.
  6. The STD filters the inlet Air and stops dust particles for making it dust free/hygienic dryer.
  7. The dryer is designed with automatic drying control system using Microprocessor PID Temperature Controller for hot Air Inlet Drying Temperature.
  8. The STD automatically stops the Inlet Air during wind and dust storms,
  9. It is equipped with Digital Temperature monitoring and control,
  10. Also, equipped with Digital Percentage of Relative Humidity monitoring,
  11. The STD comes with Digital Air Velocity monitoring system,
  12. The entrance gate is fixed with Ultra Violet Radiation Light exposures in order to treat bacteria stuck with flowers, fruits, vegetables, crops, grains, herbs, papers, woods and other commodities etc.
  13. The whole system runs on Green Renewable Energy powered through Solar Photovoltaic System using PV Modules, Charge Controller, Batteries and Dc to Ac Inverter for single phase power supply for Exhaust Fans, PID etc.
  14. It does not generate any Carbon Dioxide Gas, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulpher Dioxide gases and is covered under Clean Development Mechanism foer the protection of Global Environments.


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