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Please note that a load would typically be sought from the load sheet. Kindly note that custom quotes response time for system sizes below 10kW is large. For such capacity systems please peruse our exclusive online solar shop.

The more accurate contact details you share the sooner response you shall get.

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System Design


Structure Type

Sun Trackable Structure (for agricultural land)

Connection Type



Average Monthly Units

System Type

System Type

Battery Bank

Battery Bank

Battery (Optional)

PV Brands

PV Brands

We will employ the most suitable nominal wattage panel as per the technical design. Our preference may supersede your selection subject to the availability of panels in stock or better versions.

Inverter Brands

3-Phase Inverters



Variable Frequency Drive




Installation Address



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Commercial, Residential and Industrial Solar Systems



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The foreign exchange market, with a trading volume of 5 trillion euros per day, is the largest financial market in the world. A revolutionary digital ledger offers a secure way to exchange funds without the mediation of a central financial authority. Trading with cryptic currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum handeln is the digital counterpart to foreign exchange trading.

What is a crypto currency?

Crypto currencies are a digital currency created by the performance of decentralized computers on the Internet. Unlike conventional money, crypto currencies payments are not issued by banknotes or other trustworthy institutions. The creation of digital coins and transactions – the sending and receiving of payments in a crypto currencies – are without “trustworthy middle-men”.

Blockchain can be a bit abstract to understand at first

Through a network of distributed computers, a blockchain is a data structure that facilitates the creation of a digital ledger of transactions. Blockchain uses cryptography to let participants on the network securely manipulate the ledger without relying on a central authority.

As soon as a block of data is recorded on the ledger, it becomes extremely difficult to modify or omit. If someone wants to add to it, participants in the blockchain network — all of whom possessing copies of the existing blockchain — need to run algorithms to determine the validity of the proposed transaction. If the transaction appears valid, as verified by the agreement of nodes (in other words, the information is aligned with the history of the blockchain),  then the new transaction is approved and a new block gets added to the chain.

The problem with proof-of-work is the waste it generates. We worry about climate change and yet a single bitcoin transaction uses somewhere between 70 and 240 kWh to process (amortized energy cost). That’s largely produced using high carbon output mining farms in Asia. Crypto urgently needs a more efficient mining scheme.

There are roughly 278,000 Bitcoin transactions per day which now equates to 0.12% of the world’s electricity consumption. In today’s eco-conscious world we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint, not add to it. — Chia To Change Crypto Mining

In such scenario, rather you can go with cloud mining. Genesis has recently opened BTC contracts, they are attractive. But pro advice is that do not go with contract mining. It’s not profitable and mostly they are scam. Do it on your own hardware or if you have less investment than go for BTC or other crypto trading. If the goal is to make money simply and you have some to invest then swing trading in cryptos right now is a great option. Even buying and hodling some cryptos is a good idea. With this regard, mining is not feasible at all in current circumstances where the difficulty levels are increasing day by day and electricity costs is too high in Pakistan. But the Good News is:

Actually compared to traditional banking it uses far less energy. That’s after you factor in the banking locations, energy to move workers back and forth, in addition to energy used for business operations. Using renewable energies for power would be a really good solution and the mining would eventually pay for the infrastructure of the project. Install solar panels for long term solution to sustainable and cheap energy.

One beneficial user had this to say on Pakistan Startups thread (A Facebook Community Startup Platform):

It’s profitable and I am mining in Bahria town where Electricity is a bit expensive as compared to LESCO. I have invested 1.2 million and making around 60 K a month. If you hold coins and do not sell immediately then you can make some serious cash as crypto market has high volatility. — Malik Tanvir Hussain

The rig probably runs off SSD or memory card so there are no moving parts. This reduces the chance of things failing due to a power cut. You would however need to put this on a Solar Power System to provide clean power. You want to be one of the first in earning on mining on algorithm x11. Such crypto currency as LiteCoin, Dash, Startcoin, Onix, Influxcoin and 150 different on the same algorithm. Then these equipment is for you. While many people think of investing in the currency, you can already make money without buying a currency, and selling it. Some Reviews by Zorays Solar Pakistan as the only CTI Integrator Solar Energy Company in Pakistan:

  1. Antminer D3 Technical Specifications Hashing speed: 15 GHz / s (possible deviation of 5%) Chips 180 X11 Power consumption: 1200 W Double fans You do not need to be an expert to use this equipment, you need to plug it into an outlet, connect the Internet, prescribe a pool and see how your equipment is dripping you coins.
  2. Etherium Mining:  ETH is also asic resistant. 0.9 ETH sounds right for the hashrate at today’s difficulty. You need to factor in difficulty increases as this will reduce the monthly return. You also need to work out your own power consumption. So you need to decide whether you are happy to deploy that amount of money and start seeing profit after 14 months (probably more due to power outages, maintenance, increased difficulty etc). What if you bought 400,000 worth of crypto, what would that be worth in 14 months? Ultimately it is down to your personal risk threshold and expected ROI.
  3. Envion: A global, highly profitable crypto infrastructure hosted in mobile containers near energy sources.
  4. Well mining in general is fairly technical for any coin. Vertcoin mining is rather easy so you can look into it. If you are investing in hardware invest in graphic cards. That can be quite profitable in near future. Vertcoin is just one coin that is asic resistant which means miners for it are extremely hard to build.
  5. Bitcoin mining is no more a good option there is a lot of politics in it on global level. Many other coins such as monero, zencash, aeon, grs, ftc, etn. Bitcoin’s fork bitcoin gold is also asic resistant and youu can start mining. It depends on difficulty, the BTC price and costs. For example, if you get S9 in 5 lac and then you have to pay a lot of bills (internet plus electricity) and you just have one miner, it would take you years to get back your investment.


You can get ROI after 1 year if you spend on custom rig cost around 400000. There are some mining machines which consume low power. The point is any asic resistant currency can be mined with a GPU. Do your research and get into some solid currency for mining. As for core btc mining. It is either extremely less profitable with a gpu or not at all. GPU mining for btc has not been really profitable for years now. We think as a Solar Power Corporation that ETH mining is gone out of hand for starters now, there are couple of other coins who’re potentially valuable in future as there rate is increasing drastically, so for newbies its best to invest on them instead of BTC/ETH.

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