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“The power of one man or one woman doing the right thing for the right reason, and at the right time, is the greatest influence in our society.” Jack Kemp

Similarly, the selection of the right features solar system with the right installation parameters imposes a great impact on its efficiency and working life.

To install a solar system, it is needed to follow all the predefined standards to meet the optimum efficiency range. The orientation, tilt angle, height, airflow, mounting structure type, structure force bearing strength, structure life estimation, and most important the shadow analysis. These all are the key requirements to be intensely studied before beginning practical installation work at the site. All these jobs are compulsory to be done for an efficient and long-lasting solar system installation.

To implement the above-mentioned solar system installation standards it’s a challenging situation for an installer to have a strong grip on the installation team and supervision complexities. He must analyze the site and counter the challenges. The first challenge of installation is the carriage of components at the intended location.

Often solar system installation sites are rooftops. There are very few locations where the installer finds convenient and easy paths to take the installation components to their intended point. otherwise, most of the time the carriage of components on the rooftop is challenging. sometimes the stairs are narrow steep or even in worst cases no stairs are there to reach the rooftop.

The next challenge for an installer is the safety of its installation workers. For rooftop installation, it is compulsory to follow all the safety measures. To accomplish the installation work sometimes the installer wants to compromise safety measures, but it is strongly prohibited. It is needed to follow the safety measures at all the time. As solar panels are key components of the system and the handle-with-care products, so it is a challenging situation for installers to take the panels to the rooftop with care and without any kind of damage probability.

In a lighter mode, the solar installation seems to be a very simple and easy job. But in reality, it needs intension and focused work very much. It includes a number of connections. it is a challenge for an installer to make sure all the connections are correct and up to the standards to make the power loss minimum and long-lasting power system. One loose or wrong connection can disturb all the circuitry. So, it is needed to check the connection with great focus.


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  • Sajid Khan says:

    I am using a solar power facility installed by Zorays Solar. As far as there equipment is concerned it’s really good & then comes the marketing and technical staff which is really co- operative & technical. So far, I have not faced any problem rather felt really comfortable with my decision. There marketing people quite often call and ask if all is going good. Hope it will remain like this in the longer run. Above knowledge is very apt.

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