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Solar Mounting Structure StrategiesZorays Solar Pakistan is a leading manufacturer of various solar mounting, we currently carry full range of pitched roof, flat roof, ballasted mounting, pole mounting and ground mounting solutions. Choosing the right kind of solar mounting system is an extremely important part of your solar design process.

The right mounting system will accomplish two main goals; collecting the most irradiance directly from the sun. This can be made possible by placing your panels on the correct tilt and azimuthal direction. The other goal is to reduce or eliminate the amount of shade that prohibits sun from hitting your panels. The condition of your roof and the space you have available also plays a part.

There are four main types of solar panel mounting systems; roof-mount, ground-mount, pole-mount and carport mount. We are company having team of professional and experienced mechanical engineers and technicians providing installation and after sales services in all over Pakistan. And we have experienced of working with big companies and dealing with big project related to Solar commercial and agricultural systems. Here we will help you decide which is best for you:

Ground Mount

A common and easy way to mount your solar panels is with a ground-mount solar system. Among this fixed structure routine technique, we suggest fixing the panels true south for net-metering purposes only as clipping would occur. If you are fortunate enough to have enough open space to build an “A” or “L” frame style ground mount system, you can be sure to place your panels in both the optimal southern orientation as well as the optimal pitch. And foundation may be made both on concrete or pile driving for consideration. We are leading in GI Steel based Solar Mounting Systems and Aluminum profile manufacturer, we produce and design various mounting for residential, commercial and utility installations. Through these systems, it is also quite easy and affordable to make the ground mount system adjustable to get the best angle for each of the seasons in Pakistan.

GI Steel or Aluminium Structure

Optimization Trick:

We also recommend for better yield to install 50 per cent of the solar panels true south, 25 per cent facing south-east and remaining 25 per cent north-east. This provides likeable flatter curve and mostly this orientation suits the pumping and off-grid applications. For an even flatter performance curve, we can fix 50 per cent of solar modules towards south-east and 50 per cent with solar mounting structure solar facing towards south-west.

Ground Mounted Solar Structure facing true north

Roof Mount

The most common mounting system for a solar panel system is a roof mount system. A top consideration when deciding where to locate your panels is the condition of your roof. Roof types could be corrugated, trapezoid, standing seam roofing or concrete slab roof (RCC) for different mounting system.

– Roof Pitch

– Roof Sub Structures

– Pitched Solar Mounting

– Ballasted Solar Mounting

Pole Mount (Tracker System)

Well grid companies do not like a parabolic valley like generation and all they want is a steady feed in. Zorays Solar Pakistan is pioneers in frugal PV Solar Solutions on Sun-Trackable Poles. Zorays Solar 2D Mechanical Solar Poles are adjustable on two axis receive maximum Solar Radiations from the Sun. The poles are designed to face a Thunder storm and Air-Wind velocity up to 145 km/H. Poles are adjustable on two axis to receive maximum Solar Radiations from the Sun. Therefore, we use customised Hi Strength Galvanized Solar Poles both with manual and autonomous capabilities. Other thing to consider is safety of your panels as you want to make sure that your system lasted over 25 years.

Why on Pole?

  • Increase in the generation (12~25% empirical) as depending on the geographic location.
  • Double Axis for Sun Face and Tilt Adjustments.
  • Maximizing electricity due to increased direct exposure to solar rays.
  • Adjustable-tilt to gain more power over the year.
  • 2D Manual Zorays Sun Tracking Pole using Flanges to orient according to tilt in 12 degrees of freedom. Shade mitigation concept.
  • Flexible Orientation.
  • Customised Color Coating.
  • Strength design to sustain against cross flow winds.
  • No shadow casted on modules due to wild plants and grass.
  • Protected from animal destructions.
  • Less cleaning requirements.

Solar Poles Civil WorkAs a result of continuous in-house fabrications, we now have developed efficient mechanisms to produce and design various mounting structure options for residential, commercial and utility installations. For minimizing the dust levels Solar Pole of 1.75 m height are used for fixing 8 Modules on each pole. It could be installed in different terrain, saving a large amount of maintenance fee for customer with 25 years’ service life and several modes such like dust/snow/rain/wind proof functions.

Our 3D Poles:

While lazy ass people are using Canadian Savanna Tracker based poles, we use more robust and economical “BlackBox Trackers” from a company actually holding a US patent. These increase up to 18 per cent of the panel yield suitable for Agriculture needs where land is limited.

Carport Mount

The fourth most commonly used way to mount your solar system is with a carport field. The carport system always designed for an existing carport in public area. Zorays solar carport system can be engineered from the different condition from the parking space, and configuration.

We are still working on Water solution (floating Solar Mounting Systems). It is wildly used in solar power plant which could be combined with farmland and aquacultural ponds.

Hope Zorays Solar can work with you to reach mutual benefit. We also specialize in aluminium solar mounting structure.

  • Landscape LayoutLandscape Layout
  • Preassembled Triangle Support: We can supply kinds of hooks, L foot and kliplok clamps for roof mount; ground mount and pole mount system.

L foundation

  • Various Foundation Option: We are a manufacturer mainly supply all kinds of solar system brackets which take your lower cost get high quality products. We have ground screw piling machine and ramming pile driver.






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