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3kw Solar System Price in Pakistan with 3 Hours Battery Backup

$ 4,993

Supercharge your home with Zorays Solar’s 3 kW Solar System, your gateway to energy independence and extra earnings through Solar Net Metering. Our hybrid marvel ensures uninterrupted power, even in unpredictable grids. Benefit from discounted prices without compromising quality and witness a future of brilliance, savings, and sustainability. Illuminate your space and your savings with Zorays Solar.


Take charge of your energy future with Zorays Solar’s 3 kW Solar System, featuring an impressive 3 Hours Battery Backup. Empower your home, make an extra income through Solar Net Metering, and join the clean energy revolution with our advanced hybrid solution. Zorays is thrilled to offer this intelligent solar, grid, and battery system, engineered for reliable energy supply, even in markets with unstable grids. Get the cleanest and most affordable 3 kW Hybrid Solar System at discounted prices without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

  1. 3 kW Solar Brilliance: Illuminate your space with 3 kW of solar power, ensuring a consistent, reliable, and efficient energy supply.
  2. Advanced Hybrid Technology: Our intelligent hybrid system seamlessly integrates solar, grid, and battery power, providing round-the-clock energy reliability.
  3. Extra Earning Through Solar Net Metering: Harness the power of the sun not just for your needs but also to earn extra through Solar Net Metering.
  4. Discounted Prices, Premium Quality: Zorays is committed to making clean energy accessible. Benefit from discounted prices without compromising on the best available quality.
  5. 3 Hours Battery Backup: Enjoy uninterrupted power, even during grid outages, with a robust 3 hours of battery backup.
  6. Lifetime Energy Generation: Over 25 years, experience an impressive 91,678 kWh of energy generation, securing your investment for the long term.
  7. Total Lifetime Savings: Revel in substantial savings, totaling 3,390,020/- PKR over the system’s lifetime, maximizing your return on investment.
  8. Environmental Impact: Contribute to a cleaner planet with a lifetime carbon savings of 55.40 tonnes, aligning your energy choices with eco-friendly practices.

Probable Savings: Zorays Solar ensures not just a solar system but a future of savings. Over 25 years, witness not just an energy transformation but a financial one too, with estimated savings that empower you and contribute to a greener planet.