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Best Solar Solution in Pakistan

Please note that a load would typically be sought from the load sheet. Kindly note that custom quotes response time for system sizes below 10kW is large. For such capacity systems please peruse our exclusive online solar shop.

The more accurate contact details you share the sooner response you shall get.

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  • Load
  • Panels
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System Design

Purpose Definition

Structure Type

Sun Trackable Structure (for agricultural land)

Connection Type



Average Monthly Units

System Type

System Type

Battery Bank

Battery Bank

Battery (Optional)

PV Brands

PV Brands

We will employ the most suitable nominal wattage panel as per the technical design. Our preference may supersede your selection subject to the availability of panels in stock or better versions.

Inverter Brands

3-Phase Inverters



Variable Frequency Drive


Installation Address



Ways to Contact in Future




Commercial, Residential and Industrial Solar Systems



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Our Recipe

Zorays Solar ensures timeliness, cost efficiency, and compliance adherence. Our secret sauce is the selection of high-quality components so that after-sales is not a burden on any party.

More Energy

Zorays Solar is one of the best solar companies in Pakistan that has developed an innovative new generation of a tried-and-tested solar solution. It gives significantly more energy in all light and weather conditions.

Lower Cost per Watt

Our Solar systems have 30-year life span, higher IRR, at lower cost per Watt.

The Next Generation of Solar Energy

You can now save a lot of money by investing in solar energy for true energy independence e.g. we have a highly optimized 5kw solar system price in Lahore. Not only will this help in the reduction of your monthly electricity expenses but also put you in control of your energy production levels which you can monitor through highly intelligent smartphone app.

Solar Energy Sector in Pakistan

Zorays Solar Pakistan is connecting Pakistani people to their energy environment. As a solar panel solutions company, we take pride in educating them on what is net metering in Pakistan and how net metering works? As the local specialist in energy management and automation, we provide connected technologies that will reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich the lives of Pakistani People.

Our Network of Solar Systems

We have more than 8 years of expertise and a group of highly-qualified staff who offer customized solutions for customers. We have the expertise and the success of implementing over 300+ solar systems including solar panels in Karachi, solar panels in Lahore, and solar panels in Islamabad, we are continuously seeking improvements and innovations.

A Promise of 1000 Solar Roof Tops

Zorays SMC PVT LTD is the leading provider of clean energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Pakistan that specializes in the premier solar power systems in Pakistan. Zorays Solar thinks ahead and offers innovative solutions for cold and heat generation. We provide ways to carry out modern energy projects and create eco-friendly systems for all of our customers with substantial solar system price in Pakistan.

State-of-the-art Products

Among a huge list of solar energy companies in Pakistan, our products are customized to provide renewable energy for cooling and heating to our customers. We offer energy solutions that have lasting quality, that are technologically efficient, sustainable and sustainable for the environment. A high degree of satisfaction for our customers is our goal.