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Solar Energy has proved itself as one of the most efficient and financially effective sources of electricity generation. Interested in Solar Financing? Loan (6% Markup; up to 5 years)

Kindly only fill in case you want a lease option for your solar!

Bank does not support battery cost, so all our systems are net metering enables

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  • Bank Financing Enabled Solar Solutions (solar system on installments in Rawalpindi, solar panel installment in Karachi etc.)
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Now Offering Solar Energy Systems on Installment in Pakistan

As a commitment to harnessing the Alternative Energy Resources, we have opened up new vistas in the focused field of Net Metering as grid-tie inverter suppliers in Pakistan (focusing on a controlled 5kw solar system price in Pakistan) and early-bird users of deep cycle battery compliant to the grid conditions of Pakistan.

But how can one earn without making an investment? The answer is simple: Get a Solar System on Installment. Yes! you can get your solar system in installments in Pakistan. The installment lease that you pay is always less than the electric bill that you will pay otherwise.

State Bank’s 6% Flat Rate Solar Financing is halted since the banks like Alfalah, Meezan, Soneri, Allied, and JS have exhausted their State Bank Loan limits, we are left with no choice but to put the financing on a first come first serve basis in a very long queue for On-Grid Systems.


Currently, JS Bank is processing our cases at nearly 20% rate (commercial loans). The ideal system size is 10kW because the relationship managers have their targets and for them, 3kW, 5kW, and 7kW lead become the least priority.


For business owners: 2 Lac is the average balance for at least 2 years that you need to showcase with 6 credits and 6 debits.


For individuals: 1 Lac average monthly fee is advised with proof of last 6-month salary slips.


Things to know about financing:


  1. You will still have to pay upfront equity even sometimes up to 40%.
  2. There is a 3% commission charged from vendors that we add to the price of an EPC project and that effectively translates to the consumer.
  3. There is a 0.5% commission or 50K whichever is above to be charged from the client.
  4. Although we discourage this, RM often would not approve your file without the wheel money of Rs. Per Watt.
  5. The bank charges up to 0.5 Rs. Per Watt insurance.
  6. The first few installments are Kibor plus Commercial Rate until rescheduled through State Bank.
  7. Lastly, the bank has due diligence that we need to charge you for in legal fees.


Note: We do not discourage Financing but you end up paying 15% more of the cash price or actual bargain.


Note 2: The bank takes products as collateral for up to 2.5 Million Loans for residential complexes and 10 Million Loans for corporate or industry. It is for this reason, that the bank DOES NOT finance battery-based Hybrid or Off-Grid Solutions.