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NOTE: Privacy of our esteemed solar customers and confidentiality are of supreme importance. We are obliged to a confined list of customers that gave us exclusive permission to display this data.

Year Date Client’s Name License Title
2021 5/3/2021 Afzal Hussain Generation Licence No. DGL/11878/2021 Licence Application No. LAN- 11878 Mr. Afzal Hussain, FESCO
3/19/2021 Muhammad Arman Tabassam Generation Licence No. DGL/10579/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-10579 Mr. Muhammad Arman Tabassam, FESCO
2020 6/23/2020 Muhammad Tahir Hassan Generation Licence No. DGL/4810/2020 Licence Application No. IJAN-4810 Mr. Muhammad Tahir Hassan, FESCO
Year Date Client’s Name License Title
2022 2/3/2022 Mr. Muhammad Raza Generation Licence No. DGL/20260/2022 Licence Application No. LAN-20260 Mr. Muhammad Raza, LESCO
2021 9/23/2021 Mr. Muhammad Junaid Anwar Ch. Generation Licence No. DGL/18093/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-18093 Mr. Muhammad Junaid Anwar Ch., LESCO
9/16/2021 Mst. Shakeela Begum Generation Licence No. DGL/17782/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-17782 Mst. Shakeela Begum, LESCO
9/3/2021 Mr. Shahid Nazir Generation Licence No. DGL/16794/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-16794 Mr. Shahid Nazir, LESCO
9/3/2021 Syeda Anila Abuzar Generation Licence No. DGL/16661/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-16661 Syeda Anila Abuzar, LESCO
9/3/2021 Sh Muhammad Amjad Generation Licence No. DGL/16606/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-16606 Sh Muhammad Amjad, LESCO
9/1/2021 Mr. Altaf Hussain Generation Licence No. DGL/16651/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-16651 Mr. Altaf Hussain, LESCO
7/5/2021 Dr. Usman Hayat Generation Licence No. DGL/14083/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-14083 Dr. Usman Hayat, LESCO
4/22/2021 Mr. Hoshi Muhammad Generation Licence No. DGL/11426/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-11426 Mr. Hoshi Muhammad, LESCO
2020 11/12/2020 Mrs. Uzma Abdul Ahad Generation Licence No. DGL/8056/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-8056 Mrs. Uzma Abdul Ahad, LESCO
11/12/2020 Col. Nasir Mahmood Khan Generation Licence No. DGL/8057/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-8057 Col. Nasir Mahmood Khan, LESCO
Year Date Client’s Name License Title
2021 10/20/2021 Usman Bilal Generation Licence No. DGL/18761/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-18761 Mr. Usman Bilal, GEPCO
2020 9/1/2020 Dr. Muhammad Shafique Ajmal Generation Licence No. DGL/5455/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-5455 Dr. Muhammad Shafique Ajmal, GEPCO
Year Date Client’s Name License Title
2021 4/9/2021 Mr. Tabassum Syed Jamal Raza Generation Licence No. DGL/11305/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-11305 Mr. Tabassum Syed Jamal Raza, K-Electric Limited
4/8/2021 Mrs. Asia Khaden Generation Licence No. DGL/11322/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-11322 Mrs. Asia Khaden, K-Electric Limited
3/24/2021 Mr. Jawaid Iqbal Generation Licence No. DGL/10802/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-10802 Mr. Jawaid Iqbal, K-Electric Limited
3/17/2021 Mr. Muhammad Raza Ravjani Generation Licence No. DGL/10479/2021 Licence Application No. LAN-10479 Mr. Muhammad Raza Ravjani, K-Electric Limited
2/26/2021 Mrs. Khalida Sharif Generation Licence No. DGL/10159/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-10159 Mrs. Khalida Sharif, K-Electric Limited
2/25/2021 Mr. Munawar Ikhlas Generation Licence No. DGL/9824/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-9824 Mr. Munawar Ikhlas, K-Electric Limited
2020 10/22/2020 Mrs. Naheed Farooq Generation Licence No. DGL/7552/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-7552 Mrs. Naheed Farooq, K-Electric Limited
9/8/2020 Mr. Faisal Ur Rehman Generation Licence No. DGL/6443/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-6443 Mr. Faisal Ur Rehman, K-Electric Limited
9/3/2020 Maj. (R) Anwar Faridi Generation Licence No. DGL/6255/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-6255 Maj. (R) Anwar Faridi. K-Electric Limited
9/1/2020 Mr. Ghulam Ziauddin Sabri Generation Licence No. DGL/6160/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-6160 Mr. Ghulam Ziauddin Sabri, K-Electric Limited
7/14/2020 M/s Hashwani Generation Licence No. DGL/5182/2020 Licence Application No. LAN-5182 M/s Hashwani, K-Electric Limited

DGL/9844/2021 – Mst. Akhtar Ban, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (ISL) DGL/5686/2020 – Mrs. Shaima Baig, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (ISL) DGL/4888/2020 – Mr. Muhammad Ateeq, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (ISL) DGL/4677/2020 – Mr. Nadeem Fazal Chaudhary, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (ISL) DGL/4676/2020 – Mr. Shahid Aleem Butt, Rawalpindi, Pakistan (ISL)