Solar Disinfect Tunnel

Dimensions: Width 1 m wide x Height 1.5m (7 ft) high x length 2 m long

Materials of Tunnel Structure: Foldable Robust GI Steel frame based on concealed U Channel 14 guage thickness and uPVC material 3mm thickness.

Corrosion free frame
Water resistant white U-PVC side walls (can be branded)
PV Module 2 m X 1 m Roof Top
High Quality pipes and fittings
Chemical grade Refill Tank 80 L

Functionality of Disinfection Service: UV Curtain plus 8 mist nozzels (imported) with 4800 litre/hr flow rate expandable with 1/2″ rust proof GI piping to cover slow walk through using 120 psi to 140 psi pressure system for 1 person in 3 seconds and fully automatic entrance motion sensor (adjustable from up to 20 ft away) including process delay timer.

Automatic sensing of the approaching person(s) from 6 Feet to 8 Feet and after passing through the tunnel system switches of automatically in 3 second to 30 second (adjustable).

Automatic Sensing: The system starts operation of

i. Mist spray

ii. UV light(optional)

iii. Illuminates the tunnel

Optional 12 Nozzles with two pressure systems to cover a que of 20 peoples per minute.

Utility Features: High pressure 1.4 A 24 V DC Pump including foundation with the provision of flow bypass system to control the flow of liquid powered by Solar with built in backup for 5000 employee for each 3 second of exposure and option to switch to WAPDA. Solar module used Hanwa Q-Cell or Canadian Solar.

AC/DC Power Supply Operated:

i. Solar Power during sunny hours plus 4 hours backup time (priority-1).

ii. Mains: 220 Vac, 50 Hz, single phase (priority-2).

Mist Spray Classification: 200 micron Sanitizer, Non-hazardous GraphEat patented technology with proper PCRWR reports (Food grade/ Halal / Non-alcoholic).

Drum Capacity: 80 Litre modular for 2500 people disinfect per/80 litre with 3 second exposure each.

Transport: Delivery as per actual and free installation.

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Modern problems require modern solutions, we are now supplying disinfection tunnels starting as low as Rs. 90K and their certified refilling cartridges.

What are disinfection tunnels?

The fog machine or the mist spray shower gateways are modern day commodity that release a mist to kill bacteria as a living being passes through it. These are going to be absolutely necessary and made essential for safe walk throughs into any building (school, office etc.).

  • Quick installation
  • Foldable
  • Solar Powered
  • Cost effective transportation
  • Free filling of 80 L of GrahpEAT (one time)

How do they work though?

The tunnel operates with high-pressure system that generates low volume residue droplets containing GraphEAT which is a disinfectant that kills a wide range of bacteria.

What are its applications?

A solution for factories, and markets that want to make sure that everyone shopping on premises is completely sprayed with GraphEAT which is excellent for use to attain 100 % disinfection and sanitation against Corona from all places if sprayed or swept as 1 pmm in water. It is used to prevent migration of viruses, fungi and bacteria carried by people from outside into the premises.

FAQ: Even if you somehow disinfect the exterior, if a person is a carrier, they still carry it inside through the tunnel, no?

It is being adopted as a preventive measure and there is no harm in applying good practices, especially when they do not cause health injury. So you can stop Covid-19 entering your premises. Zorays (SMC-Private) LTD is now providing walk-though sanitizing tunnel for prevention against Covid-19 for your premises, factories, institutes, hospital, mosques, shopping centers etc. The best way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and to avoid being exposed to COVID-19 is the use of GraphEat Disinfection Tunnels.

GraphEat Disinfection Tunnels are made of GI steel and hence are long lasting and provides strong & reliable protection against germs & viruses. The come in variant housing of fibre glass, tempered glass (for aesthetically appealing hotel lobbies), and steel confinements.

*Delivery Timeline (3 Days upon company confirmation) Delivery Charges as per actual. Installation is free.

16 L @ Rs. 1280/-
10 L @ Rs. 920/-
3 L @ Rs. 375/-
1 L @ Rs. 150/-Order