5kw Solar System with Battery Backup for 1 Hour

Among countries that befall in load shedding and power crisis, Pakistan’s energy scenario and local consumer’s electric energy consumption behaviors are not any different. The production and consumption of nonrenewable energy have resulted in severe environmental impacts across the globe. Striving towards the energy independence of Pakistan, we offer 5kW PV power systems based on complete photovoltaic power plant solutions for PV integration and connection including power conversion (inverters, transformers, and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision, and technical support. We provide the full alternative energy solutions from the panel DC output to the grid connection focusing WAPDA net metering.


Lifetime Energy Generation (25 Years) 151,544 kWh

Total Lifetime Savings (25 Years) 4,802,530/- PKR

Lifetime Carbon Savings (CO2) 92.30 Tonnes