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Please note that a load would typically be sought from the load sheet. Kindly note that custom quotes response time for system sizes below 10kW is large. For such capacity systems please peruse our exclusive online solar shop.

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PV Brands

We will employ the most suitable nominal wattage panel as per the technical design. Our preference may supersede your selection subject to the availability of panels in stock or better versions.

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Discovering a new method of generating electricity brings prosperity and hope to billions of people. The sustainability of energy is critical to human success and survival, it requires a shared and joint effort of various techniques for us to enjoy electricity every day.

Renewable technologies are a valuable investment that can be inherited, maintained, and expanded upon by future generations. Each week energy providers add many more renewable solutions to the grid, however, demand rapidly grows daily.

Currently, about 80% of energy comes from burning fossil fuels, unfortunately, it is this is not allowing renewable energy to catch up. The demands on electricity providers are growing daily due to grid expansion, from residential to EV charging stations, robotization, and AC heating adaptation due to climate change. It will require every nation to provide responsible, decisive, and unwavering support for this historic shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Active Kinetic 1 is a new technology and method to generate electricity. The new method of kinetic electricity will reduce the overall burden on fossil fuels responsible for excess CO2 production and ultimately global warming.
The new energy system will contribute massively to the reduction of carbon dioxide. Active Kinetic 1 can use renewable energy such as wind and hydro which will contribute massively to the reduction of carbon dioxide. Along with Solar, the new technology is another form of Zero energy personal and portable CO2-free electricity.

The new motion energy technology Active Kinetic 1, can operate a full-scale power system that would provide electricity to operate 24 hrs a day without fuel.  The motion energy prototypes have proven the technology is a world game changer and will provide many new energy solutions and jobs. Further development will lead to a new method created using Active Kinetic 1 technology that will provide billions of people with electricity and reduce the overall burden on fossil fuels, which leads to CO2 production.

We are excited to announce the launch of Active Kinetic 1. This new technology and method for generating electricity will reduce the overall burden on fossil fuel-based fossil fuel production, responsible for excess carbon dioxide production and global warming. The new energy system will contribute massively to the reduction of carbon dioxide. Along with solar power, Active Kinetic 1 is another form of zero-energy personal and portable CO2-free electricity. It is among the most recent energy technologies invented in 2021, the new kinetic motion energy technology has been successfully tested to conserve and reduce energy loss. In October 2022 Active Kinetic 1 technology was discussed in the UK Parliament, House of Commons where energy provider EDF made suggestions about extending feed-in tariff for the human harvesting technology.

We live in a time of unprecedented technological change. The world is running out of oil, and we need new ways to generate energy. Active Kinetic 1 technology can be 100% manufactured from recycled materials further reducing CO2 emission volumes during the lifecycle and avoiding further excavating land for resources. The technology qualifies as one of the world’s first true Zero energy devices for personal and portable CO2-free electricity.

Active Kinetic 1 technology motion technology is completely unique in that it does not use a motor to generate electricity like wind and hydro but does work to detach the kinetic energy and convert it into electricity. Until now along with solar, we have another portable energy solution, so this is a game changer for portable energy. The first devices to use Active Kinetic 1 will be personal devices that will give people the portable energy solutions they demand. The technology is capable of using existing and new methods of renewable energy more efficiently than previously accomplished such as with wind turbines and hydro.  This is great news, as the two giants in the renewable energy sector are Hydro and wind turbines and collectively they provide over 80% of all renewable energy produced in most parts of the world.

We’re all concerned about the environment, and we all want to do our part. But we can’t just buy new clothes or ride a bike everywhere we go—we need something that’s going to make a big difference, too. And while it may seem like a small change, there are some big implications when you look at how much carbon dioxide this represents: more than 20% of Earth’s atmosphere is made up of CO2—and if we can reduce that number even by just 10%, then the world will be able to breathe easier. That’s why we’re excited about Active Kinetic 1. We call it Active Kinetic 1 for a reason: it uses kinetic energy stored in batteries to create electricity. It’s not just another battery that you throw in your backpack until it dies—it’s a new way of generating electricity that has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 90%.

The result: less pollution, more renewable energy – and a cleaner planet for generations to come.

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